Boxes with pallet


Commonly use high-quality composite new raw hollow material and add plastic trays and roofs for producing.We can offer the standard colors for choice or customer-defined color is accepted.The products are made mainly by the thickness from 8mm-10mm qualified PP hollow sheets.
The unfoldable size of finished heavy logistics box is L1200mm×W1000mm×H1100mm.And the foldable size is L1200mm×W1000mm×H225mm.Static load 1600kgs, dynamic load-bearing 400kgs.Custom sizes can also be based on actual customer demand.
Logistics flow box is consisting of the tray bottom,the collapsible hollow plate and the top cover.Fold up after using and will not take up place.According to customer requirements,can add pattern, logo printing, in order to achieve enhanced aesthetics, branding, easy identification and other effects around the face plate.
Generally used for: small pieces of goods transport, logistics industry, trade and commerce, supermarkets, bio-pharmaceutical and other industries.Features:
Corrosion proof, light weight, anti-bending and anti-aging.
Shockproof durability, impact resistance, resist high and low temperature.
Look gorgeous, rich colors, large carrying capacity
Toxic and tasteless,anti collision deformation, quality assurance.
It can be customized to meet customers' individual requirements.
Hollow board material can be completely recycled, Environmental protection.