Fruit packaging

PP hollow Crates Profile
PP hollow crates are made of corrugated plastic boards.Which can be moisture proof and water proof, shock compression, non-toxic, odorless, beautiful appearance and other properties, can effectively protect the fruit during transport of fruit is not easy to destroy, damage, and maintain the natural fruit flavor, keep the fruit fresh.So it is popular for consumers by further reducing the loss of fruit during transport and better protection of fruit transport.
PP hollow crates are commonly used for fruit transport turnover boxes,while the traditional paper totes are not waterproof, not shock compression, can not be separated the temperature,which easily lead to rotting fruit during transport, bumps, loss of natural fresh taste and other issues.While Fruit hollow turnover box is shock compression, waterproof ,compartment temperature and other properties, can effectively prevent damage to the fruit during transport problems of fruits,to bring more fresh and more natural fruit.